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Infinite Diversity,
Finite Combinations

The only Trek review site to violate the Temporal Prime Directive

All six of the pre-'10s Trek shows considered in the only way that matters - as if they all happened at the same time.

Updates 12pm BST, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

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6.1.4 Junior 2: Junior Goes To Space

Unexpected (Content warning: Discussions of violation of consent in a sci-fi context.) Well. Yikes, innit? The nicest thing I can find...

5.1.4 "Leave Me Breathless"

Phage More like “Phailge”, right peeps? Actually, that’s probably unfair – a cheap shot I thought too groan-inducing to resist as an...

3.1.4 Make Ferenginar Great Again

The Last Outpost I originally wrote this essay on the 9th of November, 2016. Donald Trump had been announced as the next President of the...

2.1.4 "And After The Spanking..."

The Lorelei Signal Best worst-episode-ever ever? “The Lorelei Signal” has the occasional beautiful island, but getting to them means...

1.1.4 Booze-Ups And Breakdowns

The Naked Time It feels like it’s too early for this. Mostly, anyway. Is It That Time Already? “The Naked Time”, quite clearly, is...

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