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" What you're doing here is unethical"

The Great Experiment

You are website welcome.

The idea around here is simple. Every attempt to catalogue all of Trek I've ever seen attempts it in strict chronological order. There is a certain banal wisdom there, of course - if nothing else, it allows periodic sensations of completion that this website is unlikely to ever offer me, or you.

But if you want to seriously consider what does and doesn't work about each Trek show, deciding you'll cover TNG at its absolute peak before you take a look at the first faltering steps of anythng that follows is, shall we say, of distinctly limited use - like checking if Daniel Stewart's acting chops matched his father's while he was still figuring out how to flush a toilet.

You want to pretend time travel is impossible? You go to any other Trek reviewer in the blogging galaxy. You want infinite diversity in a brand new combination? You come to me.

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