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Infinite Diversity,
Finite Combinations

The only Trek review site to violate the Temporal Prime Directive

All six of the pre-'10s Trek shows considered in the only way that matters - as if they all happened at the same time.

Updates 12pm BST, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

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6.1.11 Cake Or Death

Silent Enemy Silent but deadly, this one. Get it? Because it blows right past you, stinking of shit. "How English; Everything Stops For...

5.1.11 Stockholm Syndrome

Heroes And Demons Oh good. It’s another holodeck malfunction. The Boxes Of Delight It’s easy to read that as sarcasm, I’m sure. Actually,...

4.1.11 Death In The Clouds

Vortex At first glance, “Vortex” looks like an anomaly. With the exception of “Silent Enemy” (and we’ll get to that sinking, burning...

3.1.11 The Lives Of Others

The Big Goodbye This one is a lot of fun. That’s certainly not all it is, though. For a seemingly basic – frothy, sure, but basic -...

2.1.11 Small Potatoes

The Terratin Incident OK, fine. I admit it. Not one of my better titles. I’m not sure I could get around the pun even if I tried, though....

1.1.11 Use Your Illusion I

The Menagerie (Part 1) What’s past is prologue, or so the saying goes. A saying, if you’ve noticed, that’s usually trotted out when the...

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